Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm a Happy Camper

It's my birthday.

My mom spoiled me to pieces yesterday with a yummy lunch, presents, my favorite pie (I was craving a berry pie instead of cake)...

My precious Kristiina called me first thing this morning and we talked forever... I love it when we talk forever. Things important, things non-important, and things just silly. We laugh a lot.

A little later, my brother and sister-in-law called me at the office and sang Happy Birthday to me... the whole song! And then we chatted on the phone for a long time.

The girls that work at Beacon Title presented me with a little bouquet of flowers, two birthday cards, and treated me to lunch!

I have received lots of email messages, e-cards, Myspace and Facebook entries from friends and relatives near and far. They all send love and good wishes...

This evening Joe and I are going out to eat... and I'm looking forward to a quiet evening with my dear hubby.

I feel blessed and well-loved!!

True love doesn't consist of holding hands;
it consists of holding hearts.
~O.A. Battista

There's been a lot of heart-holding going on today - and mine's busting! Thanks, All!! XOXO


Anonymous said...

I know you wish Kristiina was there to help celebrate your birthday, but you are so blessed to have a daughter who you can talk with "forever" and just enjoy~ near or far.
Ok, so what's up with the left eye? Seriously? Email and explain.

Thinking of you (even though it's not your birthday today ;-)
oodles, birdie

Pam said...

I know... it's awesome and I'm thankful.
The eye thing is nothing new... I'll email you.

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