Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mount Tom, Faulkner Trail

Kristiina sent this to me from her phone.

We talked on the phone today for quite a while and this was her view the whole time we chatted! Literally!! I called while she was hiking Faulkner Trail in Woodstock. She was just reaching the top of Mount Tom, so she took a seat and enjoyed her surroundings while we conversed.

She said she was wearing her new hiking boots and a warm fleece jacket (cuz it's only about 60 degrees), had her back-pack with a bladder full of water and probably a good snack, and her camera-in-hand. That's my idea of a morning well-spent!

Mid-way through the call, she said, "Mom, let me take a picture for you of where I am right now. I'll email it to you and call right back..."

She sent these two (from her phone, right there on the spot); the one above, and this one which is the view in the other direction.

{{sigh}} I wish I were with her... for the sake of being with her... and to be hiking in 60-degree weather with my camera!!

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Megan said...

Hi! My comment is TOTALLY not about this post (sorry), but about a comment you left on the "Broken Pitchers Ministries" blog (Bring the Rain's "Stepping Up" study). My small group is starting it, too ,and we are doing a 2 week/session format, too. Would love to get more details on how you will do it. We are planning to do the "five day reading/homework" followed by discussion one week and the next week refresh/finish reading followed by the video and then start the next session. Do you think this will work? Feel free to email me....meganmileski@mac.com.

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