Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Burrowing Owl

This little guy was in my yard one day when I got home from the store. He didn't mind that I drove right past him when I pulled in the driveway. And he didn't get flustered when I dashed in the house to grab my camera. I was surprised by that. I think I surprised him, though, when I squatted just a few feet in front of him to take his picture. He didn't get vocal or bob up and down, which are the usual tell-tale signs that they're not pleased, but his eyes sure got big!

He had a nest in our neighbor's yard across the street (of our former house). The owls "moved in" when the lot was vacant, and remained the whole time the house was being built (the builders had to be very careful of the nest, Burrowing Owls are protected in my town). They even stayed put when the neighbors moved in.

I haven't been to that neighborhood recently. I wonder if they still reside there and whether this one stills goes visiting...

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