Saturday, September 13, 2008

So, How's the Weather?

Don't you just hate it when you check in here and there's nothing new... sometimes for several days at a time?

It's disheartening to me when I go to my favorite blogs and there's nothing new for a few days...

So... something new... ummm...

What do you want to talk about? (Looking at ceiling... whistling... thumbs twiddling...)

I dunno.

So, how's the weather?

Well. Let me tell you. It's hot. The "weather channel" says that right now in Cape Coral, FL, which is where I'm sitting, it feels like 98. 98!

Shouldn't that be considered too hot for September? I think so. I'm really tired of HOT.

Right now in Windsor, VT, which is where my darling girl and precious son-in-law happen to be sitting right now (or standing... or riding... I'm not sure, actually), it "feels like" 75. Now doesn't that have a nicer ring to it? Doesn't that sound pleasant? [sigh] ...75. Near perfect.


Breaking news... Okay, this is highly unusual. I just searched the weather channel for Crystal River, FL, which is where my grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousins are sitting, standing, riding... you get the picture. Anyway, they're 3 hours north of us and it's always at least 10 degrees cooler up there than it is here.

Well! I just learned that right now in Crystal River, FL , it "feels like" (drum roll, please)... ... ... (long, pregnant pause like in those annoying HGTV shows...well, I like the HGTV shows, but I hate the ridiculously long pauses) ...99! 99!!!

Whew. It's true when they say misery loves company. I feel so much better now.

And that's not all, I also went to Virginia... more aunts, uncles, cousins residing up there (... yes, sitting, standing, riding at the moment)... just guess what the temperature is about 14 hours north of us... the pregnant pause, again... "feels like" ...96. 96, just 2 lousy degrees less than us.

hee, hee, hee... mischievious rolling of hands...

But, seriously, wasn't September once cooler than this? I always thought August was our worst month for heat. hmpf...

(Actually, on the subject of weather ...and kidding aside... I'm keeping Texas in my prayers today. It sounds like they got hit pretty hard by Ike. I remember the heart-heavy feeling of Hurricane Charley from a few years ago.)

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