Monday, September 8, 2008

Zoe at the Office

Mom has gone visiting this week, so Joe and I are watching Zoe. I thought she might like to come to the office with me so she doesn't have to sit home alone.

This was Zoe when we first arrived this morning. She looks ready to tackle the day, doesn't she? As if to say, "Okay, what's first on our agenda?"

The eager anticipation soon waned. I think she realized that what was on my agenda was, to her, quite boring!

Sound asleep.

Oh, time to switch sides...

Back to sleep.

Look at that dirty beard. Mom had just given her a bath before she left. That evening she got into something on the counter. The little stinker maneuvers chairs so she can climb up! I can't imagine what was there... since we know her habits, we always make sure the counter is clear. But lo and behold there was an empty deli container on the living room floor and she was sticky from ears to belly button! I got most of it with a wet washcloth, but I think another bath may be in order!

You know she's really zonked when the tongue pokes out!

So, that was Zoe's exciting day at the office... and pretty much how she'll spend each day this week.

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Kristiina said...

Too cute! Where is grandma this week?

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