Thursday, September 25, 2008

She Loves to Snuggle

Emma, that is. She's a hugger, too. Really. Whenever I'm seated in a chair reading or watching TV, she puts her paws up in my lap and presses into me with her shoulders until we're ear to ear (mind you, she's 65 pounds). She proceeds to stay this way until I rub and scratch and pet and coo for several minutes... finally I have to ask... beg... plead with her to get down (she gets heavy after awhile). Then she's back in 10 minutes for more; and, of course, I comply.

This morning she hopped back up in bed with me when she heard I was awake, eager to cuddle for awhile before I got up. She's a doll. We're those kind of people that let the dogs sleep in bed with us...they're in and out of the bed all night. We're definitely not the kind of people that require 600 thread-count, Egyptian cotton sheets that smell like lavender! Of course, we enjoy that from time to time, but it's not mandatory. Nah... I'd be happy with a sleeping bag on a pile of hay, just give me the dogs to hug and kiss and love on. Joe and I get lost and separated from each other by a mass of paws and tails, but we love it ...and so what if a little hair gets in the bed! Every few days we change it and have clean-sheet night!

Isn't she pretty? Looks like we took her to the beach, doesn't it? No... this would be my backyard! There's a sodless, barren section that is their favorite place to romp. And here, beneath our sod, we don't have soil... we have sand.

She'll melt you with those eyes.


So, what do you make of Dancing With the Stars, so far? Do you vote? I'm not a voter. I just watch and then express my opinion to Joe and the TV on whether "they" got it right. They didn't get it right this week. It was too early for Ted to go home. He had potential to get better... and he's just a nice guy, it seems.

If you could vote someone off, I might be tempted to pick up the phone. There's one whose sarcastic humor I find classless, obnoxious and undignified. It was amusing on day 1, but I'm weary of it already.


And to contradict that critical attitude... I'm very excited that tonight my bible study group is starting back up after taking the summer off. I've been getting together with the same core group of women for a decade and it's really one of the highlights of my week. There's great fellowship and camaraderie among this group of girlfriends... a safe place to be your utter, transparent self.

We're going to study Beth Moore's Stepping Up, A Journey Through the Psalms of Ascent. It oughta be a good one!


Oh, and long-sleeved pajamas with the fan on medium was purrrrrfect last night... it was another cool, comfortable night and morning! I actually blow-dried my hair without sweating.
Happy Day! ( the way, is it blow-dried, or blew dry... ???)

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The Arthur Clan said...

Awww...even though we are a dogless family right now, I can surely appreciate her snuggliness. :) She's precious.

Angie in OH

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