Thursday, August 20, 2009

Downtown Murphy and a Bump Update

First, our charming little downtown...

A week ago Saturday, I decided to grab my camera and head downtown. Every Saturday from 10 am till 2 pm, they have a Farmer's Market set up, and I wanted to check it out.

Here's an adorable, old, country church. Episcopalian, I think. Love the red doors.

It has a belltower. :-) Cool! I wonder if they still ring the bells?

My church (First Baptist Church of McCayesville) still rings their bells. I hear them on Sunday, but I also hear them if I happen to be down there (it's in downtown McCayesvill, GA, which is actually a whole lot closer to us than downtown Murphy) during the week. A couple of times I have been dashing to the bank before they close at 5, and I hear the bells ringing. Something about that is so quaint and reminiscent of yesteryear. Don't you think?

Across the street from that old church is the old courthouse building. I mean... it's still the courthouse... it's just an old building.

Let's cross the street and take a closer look...

Isn't it pretty? I think it looks regal.

I love the clock tower... I wonder if you can step outside onto that balcony.

And I think the intricate detail is awesome.

And I love the pretty crepe myrtle growing next to it. Of the many, many, many flowering plants, shrubs, and trees in my yard, crepe myrtle is not among them. Too bad... I really like it.

A glimpse down the sidewalk - let's meander down there...

There are lots of little shops to wander in and out of; and I'm glad they decorate their sidewalks with benches, tables and flowers.

The first weekend we were in town, we had lunch here at ShoeBooties Cafe. It was good, and not too fancy-shmancy, but much more than a "cafe."

Ah, wandering further brings us to the Farmer's Market. Where, you ask? See those two green tents? That's it! Not really. {grin} There were about 4 green tents set up on the corner behind where I'm standing... and that was it!

I'm not sure why it's dubbed a farmer's market... there was only one farmer/gardener there selling his goods. The rest was artsy stuff... photography, paintings, jewelry, pottery, etc. I didn't mind... but it was a misnomer.

Upon turning that corner... you see this beautiful church at the end of the street. It's the United Methodist church. Another pretty one, isn't it?

There were more bookstores, antique stores, clothing and home goods stores to explore, but it was lunchtime and I was getting hungry.

So I ended up at The Daily Grind, where their motto is "Life is too short for bad coffee or cheap wine."

I'm seated at my table waiting for my turkey club wrap, just peering out the window watching the passersby...

Hey! There go Rick and Annette...(they're property owners at Wilderness Creek Falls and the first ones to break ground on their dream mountain home)! I didn't get to say hello... I thought it would have been tacky to jump up and rap on the window, glaring and waving! But I thought it was cool that I've now lived here long enough to run into (sorta) people I know.

Still waiting for my sandwich...

Upon entering the establishment from the sidewalk, you find yourself in the hub of a few little shops. The Daily Grind's entry is on the left behind that cart. There are tables in there, or you can sit at the bar, but I chose to sit in this outer area by the windows. I always like to sit by the windows, or outdoors.

Across the hall is a little bookstore, and down from them is a stamping craft supply store. Then at the end of the hall, you can go down a flight of stairs to the basement where there is a consignment store. Pretty neat.

Well... a half hour had passed, so I inquired about the status of my sandwich. It turned out my order got lost in the shuffle. Someone thought it was completed when it hadn't been. They apologized profusely... numerous times... numerous people! The manager provided me with a complimentary glass of pinot. That was nice... and tasty. And the sandwich turned out to be worth the wait. Quite yummy.

Ah... a Saturday well spent.

And for the bump update...

A lot can happen in a week... My, how we've grown! ;-) Biinaboo's bump at 19 weeks.

Today I get to drive to Knoxville to pick up my precious girl from the airport. Then we're going to go shopping for maternity clothes. She's been wanting to try Old Navy's brand of maternity clothes, but has been having a hard time finding a store that has a maternity department on site... it's all been online only. Well, I found one in Knoxville... so we're gonna check it out!

Then we'll spend the next few days together having a blast exploring, taking pictures, and of course, talking Baby!!
Mama's happy!!

Grandchildren are God's compensation for gray hair and wrinkles. ~Unknown


Donna Boucher said...

I think that is just the most perfect looking church!

The Farmer's Wife said...

That has to be the sweetest little town I've ever seen! Little church, little shops, little signs.....sigh! It must be really fun at Christmas time, with all the lights and some snow.

AND, speaking of sweetest little things...that has to be one of the cutest baby tums I've seen in a long time. I always went right past the cute tummy...straight from not showing at all to bloated hippopotomus. Kristiina looks like one of those models in the pregnancy magazines! *Another sigh...

Cris said...

Oh my Pammy, I cannot wait for these 3 weeks to pass so that I too can meander down those quaint streets! I know I've already been, but you can never have enough of small, quiet, quaintness!!!

Brenda said...

What a perfect little neat!!

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