Sunday, August 30, 2009

Waterfall Finale

I realize that no one besides Joe, my mother and Kristiina may be interested in seeing this detailed account of Kristiina's visit... so sorry.

Bear with me - just one more day to go after this waterfall finale post!

So, having had our fill of Goforth Creek, we headed further up River Road to have a picnic lunch by Lake Ocoee, then decided to go back in the direction of home. We wanted to photograph the waterfalls at the property across the street from us.

But first, on the way we made a quick detour to Horseshoe Bend Park. I wanted her to see the Toccoa River and the serene surroundings.

Here's a family enjoying watching a family of ducks.

This river is popular for tubing and fly fishing, though the fishermen are not thrilled when it's full of tubers... it scares the fish away.

Okay, on to the last of the waterfalls. This is at the "Waterfall Park" which is the common area in the development. We just had a pig roast there last month for property owners.

This one is on the property, too. On the other side of the mountain where the rental cabin is.

"Thank you, Kristiina, for yet another belly shot!" (I couldn't get enough of them.) {grin}

Whew! That was a full day!! It ended with dinner and a quiet evening at home.


Brenda said...

Are you crazy?? What are you talking about when you say that no one besides family will be interested in the minute details of your visit with the lovely Kristiina. I enjoyed every word....every feeling....and every picture. You are awesome....your daughter is awesome and the two of you together just can't be beat! I love you and wouldn't have it any other way than to hear every single detail that you are willing to share....*MUAH*

Cris said...

Hello Pammy, I remember Waterfall Park very well, but my photos of the falls don't begin to compare with yours!! Thank for that terrific three part account of a wonderful couple of days Kristiina spent with you in your "stomping grounds"! I know it had to be very satisfying for both of you to be able to enjoy one another's company in person again!! BTW, at the rate time is flying, January will be here in a flash!! :-D

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