Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So, You Wanna Know What We Did...

Well, Thursday evening I picked up my Biinaboo from the airport at about 6:30. I cried when I saw her with her swollen belly. Okay, I didn't get all blubbery... but I got teary-eyed, for sure!

What a beautiful sight to behold; my child, with child. It grabbed my heart.

We went directly to Turkey Creek Shopping Center in Knoxville where they have an Old Navy store with a maternity department on site. She found an adorable dress, a pair of jeans and a couple of tops. That was fun!

Then off to find a bite to eat. We ended up at Brixx for pizza. We split a small pie (half margarita for me and half pepperoni for her) and had tiramisu for dessert. Mmmmm, good. We discovered they serve Harpoon beer... brewed at Harpoon Brewery right there where Kristiina and Nic live in Windsor, Vermont. I've been there a couple of times for lunch (at the brewery). So, I had to have their Summer Brew for the sake of nostalgia. Kristiina was surprised to see they ship it so far south.

Friday, our first full day, it was supposed to rain on and off. So, we decided we should be someplace where we can duck in out of the rain, and opted for Blue Ridge, Georgia. We might have gone to downtown Murphy, but downtown Blue Ridge has a couple of art galleries we wanted to see. One of them was the Blue Ridge Arts Center, and the other was High Country Art & Antique. We stood and talked to the owner of High Country for quite some time. They're from Fort Myers, Florida (our old stomping grounds), and he has an interest in photography, so there was much to talk about.

We meandered up and down the quiet sidewalks poking in the shops, and stopped for lunch at a quaint little restaurant. (Mountain Man Bob would correct me and say we stopped for dinner. He doesn't use the word lunch in his vocabulary... the noon meal is dinner and the evening meal is supper. Just thought I'd share that...)

Anyway, it never did rain - but we enjoyed the day in Blue Ridge.

Surprisingly, we only took our cameras out once! It was when we spotted a man working on the train (that's the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway - it runs from Blue Ridge to McCayesville).

Not sure where the blue sky went... I don't remember it being so overcast. Maybe it's camera-user error. I need to work on lighting... my photos look awfully flat. But then, it's hard to photoshop them on one computer, and blog them from a another one. They look so different.

But, enough of that.

We were having fun...

Just wait till you see how adventurous Day 2 was!


Kristiina said...

:-) You put the pit shot in anyway! Yikes. hahaha Cute mama. Still can't believe the photo nerds we are, we only pulled out our cameras once on Friday! Saturday and Sunday made up for it for sure! Love you!

Cris said...

Okay, so you've piqued my curiousity...Day 2, what did it bring??? Hurry, hurry!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Wow! That sounds like so much fun, and Kristiina is looking beautiful. And I can see why you'd take pictures of the train. I've never seen such a clean, shiny engine!

Looking forward to more reports from the visit...

Brenda said...

I am so envious! But it's ok....I get to live vicariously through your it!!

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