Saturday, August 29, 2009

Me 'n Miz Preggers

...experience Goforth Creek.

Enjoy the highlights from this segment of our Saturday (last)... but as you go on our photo journey with us, I want you to have the proper visual:

I'm in my slip-on, keds-style sneakers (inappropriate), and Kristiina... well, she has a swollen belly, both of us have packs slung on our backs, tripods tucked under our arms, and cameras hung around our necks.

Now, imagine us climbing, hopping, jumping, balancing, slipping, sliding, and skidding. Our shoes are soaked, the seats of our pants are muddy, and we're laughing our fool heads off!

Got it? Okay, off we go!

We're climbing out to the middle of the creek to capture these...

Contemplating the next shot.

We did finally get out of the creek and onto a trail!

But we didn't stay on the trail for long... "Hey, crazy pregnant lady! Be careful!"

Well, there you go. Thanks for indulging me; that was a boat load of pictures. But we love Goforth and it's so diverse, it takes a lot to give you the full effect.
You might think that does it for Saturday since we spent HOURS there... but we're not done yet. We packed the day full of fun! Stay tuned for part 3, the final waterfall jaunt.


Cris said...

Wow, Pammy...viewing those beautiful shots, I truly feel like I experienced Goforth Creek with both of you. Of course, our Kristiina is in her usual mode, that being, "you cannot tie me down"!! Eek, you must have been holding your breath more than once! I'm staying closely tuned to Part 3!

The Farmer's Wife said...

I love that no matter how old children get, parents always will take pictures of them, and those pictures are more beautiful than all the waterfalls and sunsets in the world!

What a wonderful time!

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