Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Adventure

Saturday was our adventurous day! After breakfast, we started at the Ocoee Whitewater Center.

We took this little path, a portion of which is actually the old Copperhill Mine Road, used in the late 1800's for hauling copper ore by wagon train.

Now, it's just a pretty foot-path and gives us access to this...

That's the Ocoee River bed, and is how it looked when Mom, Aunt Mega, and Alana were here in May.

When Kristiina and I ventured there this past Saturday, however, the dam was open and so...

It looked like this! And every few minutes, kayakers and rafters would come into view.

Here's Kristiina photographing a kayaker as rafters whiz past her!

We enjoyed watching them do their thing in the ferocious whitewater.

Here's a couple now who just made it to the safety of calmer water. I think these were the two Kristiina was watching, above.

It appears they're taking a moment to pose for us as rafters continue on to the next rapid... but I think they were really just resting for a bit.

See that bridge in the distance... we're headed there next.

Whoo - there's a lot of activity on the river today! Kristiina and I have both done whitewater rafting on this very river (years ago... I haven't done it yet since living here). It is sooo exhilarating (with perfectly serene moments, as seen above)! If you ever get the chance, give it a try!

Kayakers watching their friends maneuver the rapids.

The Whitewater Center. There's a restaurant, gift shop and conference center which can be reserved for various gatherings, including weddings. It's a beautiful building inside and out. The second level has dozens of rocking chairs on the deck overlooking the river. Tranquility.

It was a fun, busy, action-filled place that day, with something for everyone... hikers/bikers/kayakers/rafters/photographers and spectators!

Okay, by now it's only about noon, and we're off to Goforth Creek which is where our physical activity began... hiking and rock-hopping the creek. I'll save it for tomorrow, but just wait!


Kristiina said...

Yeah! How fun. I was wondering how long this blog post would be. We took a TON of pictures that day. I want to see more but can see why you you split the day.
:-D Oh and I got my computer functioning...somewhat. I'll see what I can do about posting my pictures too. MWAH! Love you!

Cris said...

What an amazing morning!! Looks like the weather cooperated beautifully...I think I see some pink from the sun on Kristiina's cheeks. Can't wait to see what the afternoon brought! Love you both!

Brenda said...

I think that maybe those kayakers weren't resting at all but possibly stopping to admire the beautiful ladies who were photographing them....Hmmmm....

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