Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What? Already?!

I'm talking about the leaves turning! What? I'm not kidding... they are!

I know, I know. You were expecting a picture story book of my weekend with my precious girl. It's coming, but you have to be patient with me, because...

We did a whole bunch of this...

That translates to: walking/hiking - sightseeing (always with camera equipment) - and belly rubbing (her and me!)

And a WHOLE BUNCH of this...

I'll bet we each took more than 500 pictures over the course of our three full days together.

We have the same interests... especially photography (she's way ahead of me in her knowledge and skill, so I learned a lot!), and since this weekend was just her and I... we completely indulged in doing our thing!

So, you see... I have have much sorting and editing to do before I can get something from the weekend posted. And then I'll have to do it in segments; cuz I know you won't want to miss a thing! (slightly facetious)

But as for those leaves, here is something from this weekend...

I'm dumbfounded. It's August! Still summertime!

I drive down the street and, as I view patches of color like this, I'm mesmerized... just like I was in Spring.

See? Amazing... I really didn't think it would start so soon.

This weekend I was making my camera do all kinds of things neither it, nor I, knew it could do. It's settings were all over the place. Unfortunately, that resulted in many photos being too blurry, hazy, dark, bright... Eh, but that's the way we learn - right? Next time they'll be better.

But therefore, the leaf pictures are poopy - and I'm showing them to you anyway... just cuz I want you to see for yourself that it's already happening!

I'm realizing I lived without changing seasons for far too long!

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Cris said...

Pammy, whatever your weather wants to do is just fine with Maria and with me. We are so excited about coming to see you, and if we get a bonus of leaves changing colors, so much the better!! Now, on to more pix of you and Kristiina and the places where you went!

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