Friday, November 14, 2008

27 Years Ago Today

... the kids in that photograph got married.

And that's a photo from the Silver Anniversary celebration, 2 years ago... many thanks to Nic and Kristiina (XOXO)!

They surprised us with a party at their house; a slew of our friends and family in attendance! It was great; we were speechless!

The morning after the party, we boarded a plane and flew to Barbados where we spent a glorious 8 days... it was like a second honeymoon.

As we were approaching what would be "our street" for the ensuing week, this is the scenery that greeted us. This area is known as the Soup Bowl and is a famous surfing destination.

Having arrived at our street, this is the view from the corner looking back in the direction we came. We stayed on the quieter, east side of Barbados in Bathsheba.

Our peaceful, secluded little cottage.

And our balcony out back. No windows... just wood shutters. We slept under a bug net (and we were suprisingly comfortable)!

The view of the Atlantic Ocean from our balcony.

While enjoying the view out there one morning, I noticed this guy climbing the palm tree to harvest coconuts! No ropes, no safety nets... but up, up, up he went!
I don't particularly care for coconut... unless it's fresh. And when it's this fresh, it's delicious!

Our neighborhood grocer. Some of the locals were hanging out drinking their locally brewed Banks Beer. A common sight.

Exploring the island, here is a view from the Fishpot Restaurant where we had lunch one day.

An alley cafe in Speightstown.

A typical Bajan neighborhood.

We spent the day at this beach. I took lots of pictures while Joe snorkeled.

While we were there, we met Pablo. He weaved an angel fish for me from palm fronds.

Heading back to the cottage as the sun sets, and in time to join new friends for dinner at the Sea-U Guest House where we stayed and where dinner is served family-style. They have a main guest house with a number of cottages scattered on the property. We enjoyed it very much.

This year is going to be a tad quieter... as matter of fact, we may not even go out to eat but just spend a quiet evening at home. Turns out that anniversaries that aren't a multiple of 5 or 10 don't get a lot of hoopla!

Fine with me. Quiet is good, too... besides, I'm still enjoying the memories of the Silver Anniversary party and vacation.

Check out this site for lots more Barbados photos... it was an incredible experience!


Dot O said...

Pam, Happy, Happy Anniversary to you!!!

I love all your pics but one has me completely mesmerized - the one looking out through the green door onto the ocean. I could absolutely frame and hang that one here!! It is gorgeous and just does something for me that I just cannot explain.

I really, really love it!!!

Pam O'Brien said...

Thanks, Dot! The balcony photo is one of my favorites, too. It was absolutely breathtaking in person, as you can imagine!

The Arthur Clan said...

Wowza ~ 27 years?! I still can't believe that you have been married that look way too young!

Super-huge congrats to you though and thanks for sharing your gorgeous pictures. It's a gloomy, glum, gray day here in Ohio and your pictures provided a much-needed shot of sunshine. :)

1 of the "PIG" Gals


Donna Boucher said...

How wonderful! Happy anniversary!

We are just one year ahead of you!!!

Blessings to you both!

Such gorgeous pictures!

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