Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random Thoughts

Why is it the thoughts that wrack your brain during the middle of the night bounce around in your head like a pinball in an arcade game?

This was me last night:

It's 2:00 am. I wake up roasting, so I peel off the blanket layer. Ah, that's better. Haven't noticed yet that I'm curled up in the fetal position because my bed is teaming with dogs. After a couple of minutes it gets a little too chilly. Put the blanket back on. Reach behind me to feel for Joe... there's a large, warm body - but he has a cold nose. Sit up (kinda; I'm still wedged in the fetal position - dogs all around me)... and look for Joe. I wonder what time it was when they pushed him out of the bed and relegated him to the spare room.

Flop back down and hope I warm back up fast. It's during this period of shivering that I realize my hips feel fused. Oh, I need to stretch my legs. Scoot... over... oh... okay... wait... ugh... move. Then, another "Ah." I'm lying straight - still wrapped tight as a mummy since the dogs are on top of my covers, but at least I'm outstretched. It feels good, although, I'm now laying in the bed diagonally and I don't have a pillow; there's a big, furry blond boy sleeping on it.

That's okay. I tell myself to go back to sleep.

Boy, am I thirsty! Shouldn't have had ham for dinner and taste-tested Ree's bacon-wrapped crackers in the same night. I'm gonna be swollen as a sea cow in the morning! I wonder if I can reach my glass of water. Ohhh... almost... don't spill it. Gulp, gulp. Much better. I'm so glad that was there!

Okay, go to sleep.

The bed starts shaking. Riley's feet and eyes are twitching a mile a minute. Then he starts his high pitched, "Woof, woof," while puffs of air escape his cheeks. It's always a higher pitch when he's "talking in his sleep." I sit up enough to reach him, "Hush, hush - it's okay buddy. Go to sleep, it's okay." I pet him until it stops.

Okay, go to sleep.

What's that sound? Listen carefully. It sounds like growling, but it's so low. Listen... Sounds like Dexter out in the other room. Listen... It is. He's growling. At what? Should I get up and investigate? Listen... It's so soft, though. A low, guttural growl. Give it a couple of seconds. If I get up now, it'll perk everyone's interest and chaos will ensue... I'll never get back to sleep... Hmmm, he's still at it. I think he's "sleep talking" too! What is this?! Finally, his dream switches scenes and he stops. (Dogs dream, right? They must.) Okay, go to sleep. Peek at the clock. Oh geez, it's 3:35!

Go to sleep!

Start planning my schedule for tomorrow so I can make sure the bacon wrapped crackers (taste-test proved positive!) are done in time for our finger-food party at bible study... that's so nice of them to plan a going-away party for me. I'm really going to miss them. I wonder if I'll meet people in NC that I'll feel as comfortable with and close to. It takes a long time to forge those kind of relationships... start feeling a little melancholy.

Oh, go to sleep!

Start wondering about the house in NC... there's going to be a lot to do to get settled up there. Now, I'm picturing the rooms and picking out paint colors... I'm arranging furniture... Move outdoors; I'm fencing the yard - building a chicken coop - planting a garden - taking a hike - camera in hand (pining for a camera upgrade) - exploring my new town...

Go. To. Sleep.

That reminds me; one of the first things I want to do is find a church. I hope it has a neat women's group. I really want to find a group to have bible study with... {sigh} It was so nice to receive that call from Elaine today. It'll be great to see Ana on Saturday, I miss her...

Go. To. Sleep.

I look at the clock, it's 4:19. Argh! Roll over, find my pillow and see if Blaze will share it with me. Assume the fetal position as I spoon him. Now I've disturbed Emma enough for her to realize she should get up and wedge her way between Blaze and me (she's the jealous type). "No-no, Emma. Go lay down. Okay. Good girl. No-no. Okay. Enough kisses. No, Em. Go lay down. Good girl." She plops down in a huff, curling up behind my knees.

We're back where we started at 2:00 am. I'm in the fetal position, dogs plastered against me. And finally I drift off to sleep...

No wonder I feel a little groggy today.

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The Arthur Clan said...

Did you get any sleep at all? I hate nights like that!

I usually handle it by getting on the computer and writing a blog post. :)

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