Monday, November 10, 2008

One Funny Lady

So... I've been really busy. Sorry Blogger-land fans.

I have something that will make you smile, though:

You've probably seen it before, like I have, but it still makes me chuckle! What a nut, huh?!

I saw Anita do this at Women of Faith in Fort Lauderdale a year or two ago. She received a standing ovation then, too. The funny thing is... my daughter was standing to my left... she stood and cheered, too! She's not a mom, yet, but she's an adult... that must make the difference! I totally appreciated sharing that moment with her. It was kind of a ... "see? that's what I'm saying..." moment. :-)

Anita has come up with a dad's list, too.

That one isn't available to post yet from Godtube (and I always have such a hard time with Youtube).
Basically, the list has this on it: "Go ask your mom. Go ask your mom. Ta-da!"

But here's another funny one about our memory (or lack thereof):

Till tomorrow (and hopefully then I'll have blog-time!)...


The Arthur Clan said...

I saw her in person at the Women of Faith conference I went to this summer. She was hysterical! It was such a blast to watch her do her routine in person. :)

Ginnie said...

I had the privilege of seeing her just this past weekend in Ft. Lauderdale. She is hysterical!

Dot O said...

Missed you Pam. Glad all is okay, though. I will watch the video as soon as I can figure out where the volume control went on my laptop. It's suddenly not appearing at the bottom of my screen for some reason.

Dot O said...

Way too funny!!! That is so clever but so true!

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