Saturday, November 1, 2008

Old Man Cory

This is Cory. (He's not old... he's 11.) He's pictured here with my cousin, Alana... his mother (she's not old either, but that's irrelevant. However, I might point out that she'll soon become a great-aunt!! Yes, she's my Aunt Mega's daughter... see below {grin}) (Alright, she just pointed out - yes, she's sitting over my shoulder - that I'll become a grandmother first since her oldest is only 14. Whatever!!)

Cory is a national baseball champion! Betcha didn't know that (that's why I thought I'd share...) He's an awesome pitcher, center-fielder, and first-baseman. Seriously good!

He calls me Aunt Pam. I really like that. I'm not actually his aunt... since his mom is my cousin. But that's okay. Keep calling me Aunt Pam, Cory. It makes me feel good.

Cory had a blast last night on Halloween. Got all dressed up and went to his friend's house (mom and dad went too... it was a party). It was his teammate's (and coach's) house!

Check it out:

Is that a riot, or what?! You'd never know that sweet boy is under there. :-)

Hope you're enjoying the kids' candy {wink} while maintaining some restraint!!

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The Arthur Clan said...

My little guy is looking over my shoulder yelling "that's funny mom!" Cory looks like one cool dude. :)


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