Friday, November 28, 2008

For Nic and Kristiina...

We missed you two yesterday! It felt odd not having you at our table... or having you, Kristiina, bustling about in the kitchen!

Here's a glimpse of our day.

Uncle John and Dad enjoying some shrimp and cheese/crackers out on the patio at Grandma's house before dinner.

After dinner... and Uncle John and Helena send their best wishes.

(Didn't get good shots of the pretty table, unfortunately...which is where my pics of grandma were. You'll see her below, though, in both videos.)

Heading to Gary and Diane's for dessert and coffee. The sky over the river was pretty.

A video:

Ah... here's everyone telling you how much we wish you were here!! Wish I had zoomed in a little more.

This was so cool! Loved seeing your precious faces. I think we all want to figure out how to Video Chat now, the way you're able to do with Dan.

And here's Dan now... teasing you with the sight of our yummy desserts!

Another video:

I'm videoing everyone enjoying video-chatting with you. Look at those happy faces!!
Check out the reaction to your hair, Nic... especially from your mother. So funny.

Diane and I exhibiting just how short we are. Their new sofa is more like a lounge chair for us! It's comfy, though!!

And it wouldn't be a proper evening at the DiOrio's if Uncle Mike weren't spoiling Sydney. How that little dog loves him!

Love you both so much! We're glad to hear you had a good day. The highlight for us was being able to see you online and send our cyber hugs and kisses. Soon we can do it in person... Christmas is less than a month away!!


Gary D. said...

Oh My God that was so much fun. And all the desserts! I think I tried them all. Seeing the kids was the coolest thing. even the photos of the web cam is amazing.I love all your photos Pam. Thanks for all of you coming truly made the day special.

Dot O said...

Hope you're surviving the move, Pam!

birdie said...

Wonderful pics of your holiday! I know you miss Kristiina and Nic. I'm glad you can look forward to seeing them for Christmas. xo

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