Monday, November 17, 2008

Blaze Now, He's a Blog Star!

I said it was coming... Blaze's day to be the Blog Star. He's my roly-poly, sweet and snuggly, biggest-of-the-bunch, Blazer-Boy!

Journey with me down memory lane of the past 17 months:

This is my newborn Blaze. Literally just moments old.

Blazey, far left, about 30 minutes old. We're still waiting for Sara to arrive. See the mark on his forehead? It's how he got his name... unfortunately that started to disappear after only a few weeks.

I used to like to bounce him to sleep. They all loved this.

Roly-poly... his little pink nose is almost all black already! (Though, his eyes still haven't opened.)

My sleepy, full-bellied puppies! Not hard to pick out Blaze!

Why the long face?

Pampered Zeila having a special bonding moment with her boys. The girls are in the pen waiting their turn.

Dad with the sweet puppy, back when he was small enough to hold in your arms.

With his brother and sisters... how they wished they could have climbed out of that pen! Now Blaze (actually, all of them) can leap the sofa in a single bound!

Oh my! Look at that adorable, wrinkly forehead!

Back when he used to fit under the furniture. And the blaze on his forehead is barely a pinstripe now.

This is his baby walrus phase. He had so much loose skin and rolls. He'd lay down on his side and the skin would just puddle around him. We knew he was going to be big (had to be to fill all that out!).

Alert and playful!

Holy moly. They were weaned and fully on puppy food by this time, but between 8 and 10 weeks, they still managed to rope Mama in to this at least once a day. It was like trying to get a baby to give up a bottle! There was too much comfort in it for them to give it up without a fight.

Just enjoying a little fresh air... 10 weeks old and still saggy-baggy.

Picking him up was starting to get a little challenging at this point. We knew by now he'd be our biggest!

Rough-housing with his little sister, Sara.

Curious puppy, exploring outdoors. I love the way his ears fell forward.

Oh boy! He was the one that Mama always seemed to choose to play with... as if he was the one she needed to teach how things are done. Looks like she taught him well... he's using her own moves on her!

"Yup, Mama... I'll climb on your back and take you down, just like you showed me!" So far, he's still a compatible size for her.

"Sara, we're over here... come play."

His face is so expressive! He still has those forehead wrinkles and emotion-filled eyebrows, and they still melt me.

Oh! Just 6 months old. He's starting to look like a dog rather than a puppy.

And Mama Zeila is after him again. "Come here, Son, do you remember what I taught you?"

"Where is it? I know I stashed it in here..."

"Ah, found it."

"Now, what can I find over here..." (this was -ahem- before the "procedure")

Uh... Zeila, you're lucky your boy is gentle with you...since he's now triple your size!

My Blazer-Boy...

He's so handsome. I'm smitten with this one! (okay, okay, you're right. not just this one.)

You've got to go here to see more pics of the puppies birth through 1st year. So cute!


The Arthur Clan said...

He is beautiful! And you captured him perfectly in your photos. It's easy to see how much you love all your puppies. :)

Dot O said...

Love puppy pics. Thank you for giving me a daily dose of the ooohhs and ahhhhs!

It was so much fun to scroll through and watch him (and the others) grow!

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