Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our First Fire

We lit our first fire of the season in the fireplace last night. I know, I know, you're probably thinking it couldn't have possibly been that cold down here. Well, you're right. Our version of a cold front is what some of you call Indian Summer! (lows in mid-40s, highs barely over 70...)

It's just that we don't get to use the fireplace very often. So, we take full advantage of every opportunity. We'll light a fire before we go put on warmer clothes (Joe still had on his shorts, short-sleeved shirt, and was barefoot)!

So, there we were. Joe over on the couch watching TV with assorted dogs snuggling him (always 2 at a time and they seemed to take turns); me in the chair with my feet up on the hassock, Zeila at my side, Dexter at my feet, a good book in-hand. It was a perfectly cozy, relaxing evening. I hope it's "cold enough" to do it again tonight!

This wasn't last night... this was last January. I just thought it was ironic that it was these two again, Dexter and Zeila, cozying up to me. They make me happy.


Dot O said...

Looks oh so cozy! Great photo, Pam. We will be able to enjoy our fireplace this winter as we will finally have furniture to sit on in our living room.

Enjoy those fire-lit evenings!

Donna Boucher said...


The Arthur Clan said...

We had two fireplaces at our last house...and not even one in this house. I really do miss the coziness they create.

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