Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holiday Rush

Well, here it is, 10 AM on Wednesday morning... "Thanksgiving Eve" and I'm just getting ready to go to the store for my holiday ingredients. Thankfully, I'm not responsible for the whole meal!

Nope... I'm doing the stuffing this year (though we don't stuff) and I'm going to make a pecan pie. Pecan pie is not my favorite; but it is my mom's favorite. ;-)

I was willing to tackle the turkey, but in speaking with my brother yesterday, we agreed he'd handle it. He had just watched an Alton Brown episode...thanksgiving-related, of course... and he told me all about it; even sent me links and a video clip of the segment. So, we've decided we want to give the brining-thing a try. We've never done that before, but John's game to give it whirl, and mom and I are game to let him go for it!

We're going to mom's house for the meal, and she'll take care of all the side dishes... the fancy trimmings! She's never been one to do the turkey or stuffing. Those were always dad's duties. Being our first Thanksgiving without dad, John and I are happy to fill those voids. They won't be dad's recipes, but maybe this year, that's good.

Whatever your plans are for this time of thanksgiving, whether you're hosting the event or visiting the home of another, I pray you're relishing the company of loved ones, and are filled with joy!

Stay safe and count your blessings!!


The Arthur Clan said...

I think your cartoon lady is my twin. :)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Pam!

Dot O said...

Love the pics from the beach. That sunset is spectacular!

I am counting my blessings, Pam. I am also sending my prayers for a wonderful and safe holiday for you and all of your loved ones!

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