Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Simply Florida

I've been a little preoccupied lately.
Rather than ignore the blog completely, I thought I'd at least give you the flavor of Florida.

Hang on... I'm reaching into the archives...

Here we go:

We took an airboat ride in the Everglades when Finnish family came to visit. Found this guy sunning himself.

Blazing sunset at Sanibel (just a quick drive from our home). And that absolutely was the color of the sky... no photoshop tweaking here!

Some of the homes on Fort Myers Beach.

Had lunch at Fisherman's Village in Punta Gorda. This seagull came to see if we'd offer anything.

A little boy playing in the sand at Jupiter Beach. I have no idea who this little guy is, but couldn't resist capturing his fun from our ... Penthouse Suite ... at an exclusive Jupiter Beach Resort.
(okay, that never happens, but this time ... IT DID! and we loved it!)
It was long before anyone should be up (at least before the coffee was done), and I zoomed in on what was probably his last day of vacation, which I would guess is why he was out there so early.

Brown pelicans at Jupiter Beach.

My darling girl taking a walk on the beach, Jupiter Beach.

This same "Jupiter Beach... Girls' Weekend" has a couple of more pictures in this post... :-)

A look down one of our many canals and a view of the midpoint bridge, Cape Coral.

The riverbank at Jaycee Park, Cape Coral.

The sunset in my own backyard.

Be back soon!


The Arthur Clan said...

We haven't had a beautiful sunset in days now. It's too dark and gloomy here. :( I'll have to get my "sunny-happy-moments" from your blog now.

The picture of your girl is gorgeous! So lovely...

Sandy Toes said...

So beautiful!! I can almost feel the warmth from the screen! We have not seen the sun for a while!
-sandy toes

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