Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Autumn in Windsor

My son-in-law, Nic, sent me this photo on Monday. The subject line read, "Autumn in Windsor," of course. They live in Windsor, VT. {{dreamy sigh}}

Kristiina told me today that the leaves are starting to fall, but that it's still beautiful up there. As a gardener, Kristiina has always loved Spring, but today she said that Autumn is giving it a run for it's money... could take the position of "Kristiina's Favorite Season!"

Last night I was cutting up a Granny Smith apple to have with a few slices of sharp chedder (mmmm!). I took a few bites of the core (because there was still plenty of good apple on it) before tossing it; and had an immediate flashback of Autumn days as a child in Syracuse. Particularly, a memory of a fieldtrip I took in the first grade to an apple orchard.


Do you have a food or smell that does that to you.... causes you to think back to a prior time or event in your life?

Oranges and tangerines do it to me, too. The smell of a tangerine, especially, makes me think of Christmas. I think it's because my parents always used to (still do, actually) fill the bottom of our stocking with fruit; apples, oranges and tangerines, so that the toe and heal would stay round. Then candy.... then the presents!

That's a tradition that's carried on. What are some of your silly or simple traditions that have been passed down through the generations?

Happy Wednesday to you...

Oh, can I ask for prayer for Michele, my friend and employee? She's having gallbladder surgery today. Yesterday in the ER they found a huge stone; thankfully, though, they now know the source of her tremendous discomfort. But surgery...ugh.


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The Arthur Clan said...

You figured out how to center your banner picture! Good for you (and it looks great.)

Tangerines would be a big "memory" smell for me as well. They remind me of Christmas and the way my mom filled our stockings just like yours did. And, they also remind me of those scratch-and-sniff books ~ I loved the orange/tangerine smell the most!

Another "memory" smell I have is my Grandma's perfume. When she died, I asked to take one of her perfume bottles home with me and I still open it up every now and then. Everytime I do, it takes me right back to her home and the memory of being with her.

Angie in OH

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