Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We're Breaking Records

So, evidently, since our temperatures dipped to the low 40's this morning, we broke a 106-year-old record for cold weather in October.

I, very comfortably, slept under two blankets last night, and didn't want to get out from under them this morning!

Meanwhile, Nic and Kristiina had another snowfall last night. This one stuck! Check out this picture Nic sent me from his phone! He said it was 30 degrees this morning. Burrr.

It's the pavilion and pond at The Project property. Isn't it beautiful?!

Compared to when we were there in June:

Beautiful in summer, too!! This is the opposite angle, obviously.

I'm completely captivated with the notion that my flip-flop wearin', tank-top clad, born-and-bred Florida girl now lives in a region that gets snow in October! But... she says she loves wearing layers. That's a good thing - since she has to wear about six!


Joe caught up on his blog-reading last night. He was surprised, though happy, that I wrote so much about Pinehurst. What really thrills him, though, is when I write about the dogs. Man, he loves those dogs! As a matter of fact, when he read what I wrote about him missing me and the dogs, he said I could have transposed those words... that he missed the dogs and me!

... he was kidding!

(I think he was kidding.)

Anyway, I think my next Blog Star will be Blaze. Stay tuned.


Dot O said...

OMG, I thought that photo was actually a Thomas Kinkade painting. I was so surprised it wasn't. How gorgeous is that view!!!! Great photo from a phone to boot.

I guess you will be developing some thicker blood over the coming cool days down there, Pam.

I look forward to your dog post. I think I may just have to do one on Freckles too. He's very photogenic, even as his muzzle is graying. When I get my new pup next spring, I'll have new material to blog about, right!

The Arthur Clan said...

Those photos are gorgeous! What a beautiful place to be.

I'm really trying to feel sorry for you with your cooler weather...but nope. I can't do it. :)

We've had snowflakes here for two days in a row! The kids are going to be freezing Friday when they go trick-or-treating.

Angie in OH

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