Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Little of This

... a little of that.

I decided to carve a pumpkin last night; I haven't done it in years and years. It did what I had hoped... satisfied the urge to be a little creative.

I used to be really artsy-craftsy, but haven't done much of anything that would fit that category for a long time (not that carving a pumpkin exactly fits that category, but close enough).

This little masterpiece (oozing sarcasm) took about two hours to create. I used to do a really cool 3D lion's face, but I didn't have the tenacity for that this year so, I opted for this simpler one (though, it came out pretty cool). I have no idea where the lion's face template is, anyway.


Thought I'd also share a few of pictures that Joe took while he was in North Carolina. All of the three pics are from our friends' property. Not where they live, but property they own and are developing into a gated mountain community.

This one is similar to the one I posted a few days ago... but this one is Joe's.

Sky was hazy - hard to see the mountains in the distance. It wasn't as "leaf season" as I thought it would be.

Taken the same day, and this one doesn't even look like Autumn! It's still a pretty view.


And just because I can't resist taking pictures of my dogs...

Here's one of the puppies eating. Someone got crumbs all over Riley's head. We have offered them each their own bowl, but they prefer to share. Sometimes, their noses are all in one dish, like this.

But sometimes, they're willing to use 2 bowls, like this. They truly are pals... buds... compadres... they love each other!
Brothers, Riley and Blaze on the left... sisters, Emma and Sara on the right.

Maybe it stems from this... my little munchkins' first attempt at dry food. They learned to share early on.


One can never speak enough of the virtues... the power of shared laughter.
~Francoise Sagan


Dot O said...

Pam, that pumpkin is soooooo cool! I know you're trying to be humble but, really, dig down deep inside for a second - don't you think it turned out okay? C'mon be really is sharp - compared to our goofy run of the mill grinning Jacko!

Also, I looked at your puppies and am drooling over them. Next spring can't come soon enough for me. I think I'll be ready to take on a second dog again - don't know how my 11-year-old beagle will like it but we'll just have to wait and see.

I think you need to find some time to delve into your creative side a little more often. I think it will make you happy. I know it does me!

The Arthur Clan said...

I have no idea how people like you and my hubby carve pumpkins like that ~ I think it's amazing! I agree with Dot, you did a great job.

Your friend's property is so beautiful...what a lovely place they are developing for people to live at soon. Wow!

The puppies are as cute as ever. :)

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