Friday, October 24, 2008

Everywhere But Here

Pictures, that is... of everywhere but here. Okay, not everywhere... just three other places.

Yesterday Joe waved goodbye to Southern Pines, NC. . .

He loved it there.

This is downtown. He thinks it's extremely charming; not just downtown... all of it, and he thinks that the people couldn't be friendlier.
"Let's move here." He said. {{grin}}

Ah, but it was time to go, so he headed west... for Murphy, NC,

where he'll hang out for a couple of days with our friends and Florida neighbors (the ones whose turtles we're watching). This is our friends' property. Rough, huh?! The guys will probably mess around on the 4-wheelers. Fun, fun!

Then, he's bound for home... where the leaves don't turn - and we're still wearing short sleeved shirts and flipflops - and we don't have Pinehurst - and the closest thing we have to a 4-wheeler is a riding lawnmower!

Still, he says he misses me and the dogs.


Kristiina sent me snowy pics, afterall.

First, there's this one. It's at The Project, 2nd floor. Windows are not installed yet (but they're ready and waiting!), so it snowed all over the floor. This is where the snow was gathered for snowballs!

Then there's this one. You should be well acquainted with this view by now; except you can't see Mt. Ascutney! Overcast sky and falling snow made for limited visibility. It flurried steadily, but not enough for snow to rest in the branches.


Donna Boucher said...

That top picture is perfect!

The Arthur Clan said...

You had to mention flip-flops, didn't you? I live in those all summer long, but they are now all packed away until next year.

I agree with Donna ~ that first photo is amazing!

Angie in OH

Anonymous said...
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