Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Today's Big Debate

How old is Dexter?

Today is his birthday... he's somewhere between 9 and 12. Joe and I don't agree. I believe he's either 9 or 10, Joe thinks he's older.

Kristiina... help us out. How old were you when we got Dexie? I think it was either your junior or senior year of high school.

Since Kristiina graduated in 2000, October of her senior year would have been 1999; October of her junior year would have been 1998. That would make him either 9... or 10!

Well, no matter how old he is - it's his special day and he'll be receiving the royal treatment... that extra pampering and grace I've mentioned before.

I think he'll have a special treat to eat, too. Hmmm... last night we had roasted chicken for dinner and there's a leftover thigh and drumstick. I think Dex might be delighted with the meat from that!

Happy Birthday, Dexie!!


Kristiina said...

Oh mom! I must chime in yet are wrong! Our dear Dexter is 9. I can say this with 100% certainty because I know for a fact that I was dating Matt. You brought Dexter home 3 weeks before Christmas and Matt told me that he was going to ask you (mom and dad) if he could get me a puppy for Christmas. (You spoiled his present...haha) I was dating Matt (mid senior year, through graduation and 1st semester of college.) from Jan. 8th 2000 through Dec. 24th 2000. Yes I know I'm heartless...but remember he deserved it! So, there! It's settled. Our dear Dexter was born in October of 2000...ack!...making him 8?! Oh boy! What year are we in?

Pam O'Brien said...

Thank you, Kristiina! But he's only 8?!?! Oh my... but you're right, that timeline does make sense...

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