Tuesday, October 28, 2008

He Brought the Cold

I'm happy to have hubby home. He made record time (seriously...if you saw a red blur headed south on I-75 yesterday, that was him - I'm glad HP didn't notice); and you should have seen the dogs go berserk when they saw him. They're happy he's home, too!

He told me about his North Carolina adventures (including the hog-hole incident!) and showed me the pictures he took. His ankle is very swollen and his foot is beginning to turn deep purple from bruising, but he said the swelling is way down compared to what it was. It doesn't hurt as much and he's actually a bit mobile (able to gimp around).

He said it was really cold up there, but as soon as he hit Florida he started roasting, so he was able to peel off his heavy jacket. I swear, though, he brought the cold back with him. We had to sleep under a blanket last night (and I was still cold), and I actually turned the heat on in my car on my way to work today. If I'd had them, I would have worn gloves; my hands were chilly! I think it was 50 degrees (I'm just a thin-blooded Floridian)!

I just went to the bank, and it's still a little nippy to me (at 61 degrees).


I'm uninspired today...

...I finished the quiche. Twice I had it for dinner. Once I had it for breakfast. Today I had it for lunch.

I love that about quiche. It's versatile! Au revoir, quiche, till the next time hubby is away!


I'll leave you with this:

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap,
but by the seeds you plant.
~Robert Louis Stevenson

Have a good seed-planting Tuesday!


Dot O said...

Glad hubby is safe and sound at home. Sorry our frigid air is seeping down your way, though. Poor Tampa Rays must be freezing their little tooshies off up here. It is now in the high 30s and when they arrived on the weekend it was in the high 60s.

I am also glad you were able to get twenty-seven meals out of your one quiche. That's one of the reasons that make one-dish meals so great to prepare - you get a lot of mileage out of them!

The Arthur Clan said...

I'm also glad to hear he made it home alright. My hubby is the same way on his way home from roadtrips. He drives like a little old man the rest of the time, but when he's been gone from home for awhile he just wants to get home...NOW.

I made soft taco filling last week while he was in Minnesota and I think I ate around 10 tacos after that (lunch, dinner, lunch, dinner...) I love not cooking for every meal when he's gone! :)

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