Monday, October 20, 2008

Round 1

Tee-time for the South Florida PGA Section - Arrowhead Golf Club (that's Joe's team...) is at 12:55.
Go Team Arrowhead!!!

Joe said Pinehurst is incredible; it's steeped in golf history and he's thrilled to be playing it. He also said that area of NC is beautiful. He's happy to be up there.

However, for his practice round he said, "I played like poop." By his own high standards, that is. I think a typical, casual golfer would dance a jig if they shot what he shot yesterday. But, for Joe... it wasn't good.

One of the biggest challenges for Florida guys is having to play in layers of clothes! It's chilly for them up there, and having to wear long sleeves, and maybe even vests or other outer layers, greatly impacts their swing. Shivering probably affects it, too!

Some of the words Joe used to describe the round... Windy. Cold. Downhill. Altitude. Distances off. Up and down difficult. Fairways slow. No roll. Downgrain. Greens slick.

I asked him how it's different from Florida courses. He said that it's hilly, it's wood-lined, and there are no water hazards. Down here we have water hazards on every hole and the guys know how to play them. I think he also said there are less bunkers... seems to me that would be good...but what do I know?! Nothing about golf strategy, that's for sure.

Hopefully they'll do better today now that they know what to expect.


Meanwhile, back on the home-front...

I booked a flight to Vermont. It's gonna be a Christmas spent with Nic and Kristiina... and a white one, at that! Woohoo! I'm one happy mama.

Yates Barn - Stew Stryker of Windsor VT

Winter Day - Stew Stryker of Windsor, VT

Now, where in Florida does one shop for a winter coat?! I think I'll check the thrift stores, for starters. We do have a Burlington Coat Factory down here, but I doubt they stock anything warm enough for a Vermont winter.

I talked to Kristiina this morning, and she said when they got up this morning, it was 22 degrees! Burrrr. If it's that cold in October, what's it gonna be like in December?!


The Arthur Clan said...

I'll be crossing my fingers that tomorrow will go better for him. I never even thought about the differences that cooler weather could mean to a FL golfer.

And congrats on having a white Christmas this year! Your daughter must be jumping for joy right now. :)

Angie in OH

Kristiina said...

Oh mom! I'm sure that you and grandma can rummage through my closet. :-) I'm sure I'll have at least 2 snow worthy jackets and a leather coat we can put over a few sweater layers! You might even get away with wearing my boots but grandma's tiny feet might need their own. hehe We'll get you ready! I turned the heat on today. It was COLD! Snow tomorrow...yikes!

birdie said...

Wow, I guessed I missed alot on your blog! You're going to Vermont for Christmas. Lucky, lucky you! I'm excited for you and for Kristiina. Love the updates on Joe, the weather, and golf hazards! I'm sure you're missing Joe by now, so snuggle up with your "other boys". They love giving you kisses too.

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