Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vermont's Ablaze!

You gotta see this! Kristiina emailed me three photos that she took on October 15th...

Just look at what has happened to that view from the cabin (The Project)!
That's take-my-breath-away beautiful.

And this one... such a serene setting, isn't it? This is the pond at the bomb shelter. The owner of The Project has a another home on the same mountain. It used to be a bomb shelter that he converted. I guess once he moves into the new place, that's going to be his guest house.

This one whispers to me of days gone by...

... giggly children (me among them) playing in raked leaves ...delighting in the sound of the leaves crunching beneath my feet dad having a game of football with his buddies in the field beside our house ...bursting in the door with a cold, red nose after playing hard outside, still able to see my breath from the rush of cold air that came in with me, and asking mom if we can have some hot chocolate.

{Wistful sigh} Autumn is lovely.

Kristiina said there's a rumor going around... they may get snow today!


8:50 AM - Breaking news: Kristiina just called and said she's getting ready to head up to Nic's jobsite... it's snowing on the mountain! He told her it looks like winter up there; the guys have even had a snowball fight already!! She promises pictures soon.


The Pinehurst update:

Yesterday was a good day! Joe was happy. Team Arrowhead jumped from 28th to 12th place, and Joe shot under par...Yeah! They did as a team, too... 11 under, collectively. Since he doesn't have a handicap, his was a true score... played on Course 8. Today is the final round and they're playing it on Course 2... it's a tough one! Realistically, Joe's not expecting it to be as good a round as yesterday.


The Arthur Clan said...

Your daughter has a gift with a camera just like her mom does! I love them all, but that second photo is breathtaking. Absolutely beautiful...

Angie in OH

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the photos.

Sounds like Joe is being his usual awesome self. Good for him! Bet he's having a grand time with it. Trying to keep up with your blog. Life is just flying by up here and I don't always check it every day. Thanks again for being my favorite cus and encouraging T!
love you much, birdie

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